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The Thoughts of One

14th March, 2008. 10:13 am. Trailers!

Alright, someone on my friend's list put down a trailer. As usual, I hardly ever add posts, simply put, I am of the mind that personal conversation and talking, preserves a relationship, far better than random mentions of life on a website. As arrogant as this sounds, though I don't really care, I have maintained relationships with those I care about quite well by chatting with them on IM, emails, phone conversations or personal interaction. Anyways, on to the trailers!

For those that do not know, and this is one movie I am truly looking forward to. Jet Li and Jackie Chan (he was my idol ages ago), team up for a movie. I can hardly wait for this one!


Another that really intrigues me is this one:


Comedy's which are some of my favorite, here are two must watch movies!

http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony/cj7/ - This one looks way too funny, ala Kung Fu Hustle, which still leaves me in stitches.


http://www.apple.com/trailers/wb/getsmart/ - silly comedy, but those that know me, understand why i like it.

Watching this weekend, is either:

10000 BC or The Bank Job -

Indiana Jones will be great, and that sums it up. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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3rd March, 2008. 1:22 pm. This is too entertaining!

I needed to watch something as I ate lunch, and so I found this... it is way too funny, in a cool but twisted way.


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15th February, 2008. 2:56 pm. A Letter from the Western Front

Something I saw recently made me go back and find this... it is a short movie 8mins. A poem, beautiful music and an amazing story... Enjoy everyone!


Current mood: hopeful.

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13th February, 2008. 10:18 am. I MUST POST THIS!

I can't help it, i have to share this!

You will need sound, and make sure its not at work with speakers on unless, that is a non-issue. It is too funny, and this is coming from me!


Enjoy all. I listen to this to brighten my mornings and days...

Current mood: cheerful.

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19th December, 2007. 4:46 pm. Happy Holidays everyone!

Well you all know, I do not truly use LJ anymore, as I feel it is dispassionate and not personal enough, but I wanted to make an initial post wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a happy New Year, as I will not see most of you during New Years party.

Have a great new year, and may happiness, blah blah blah... you all know the drill :P. Bottom line, do whatever makes you happiest and never care what others think, unless they matter!

I will send more personal greetings to people at a later time.


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26th November, 2007. 10:53 am. I am making a posting!

Good Holiday! Good Food! Food on the floor! Stop it Neice! GOOD GOD she threw up on my bed! Good bye! :(

Good times! Repeat and rinse on Christmas! Take dagger for own eye stabbing!

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13th July, 2007. 9:00 am. Success!

I can safely say that I like... er... enjoy... hmm... don't mind seafood... ok Tuna Steaks! I ate some yesterday and no extreme allergic reactions occurred, and it was a pleasant meal. More in the news!!! Ox's party is this weekend, which sounds excellent to me, as I could definitely use the hanging around with close friends, the relaxation and whatever else may come! And one way or the other I AM watching Transformers this weekend! That's it from me, enjoy the weekend everyone.

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28th June, 2007. 11:07 am. Futon vs me = me!!!

Ok, for many of you this will sound silly, but damn it, I was victorious in my battle against the evil futon!!! 2 hours later... it went down, well stayed up... er.. you know what I mean! and I finally went to bed at 1am!!! No instructions, but I finally figured it out, and let me apologize ahead of time to the next visitor that reads this and dies because of my workmanship!

Now I am exhausted, sleepy, tired and waiting anxiously for the weekend and my first paycheck!

Plans for weekend = whatever the HELL the universe has for me, except for sleep, a lot of sleep!

Current mood: mellow.

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7th June, 2007. 7:03 pm. I made it across and no cavity search!!

You heard me everyone, I made it across to the US. It was a long trip, but one thing I will say, if ever any of you doubt friends, I can name three that you never would ever have to. Ox, Brian and Joe have my eternal thanks for coming to pick myself up. We packed up very quickly that saturday, had a lunch and took off. Leeloo kept us company in the car, she behaved very well not a squeek out of her, AFTER the border when we let her roam the car. We made it to fish's place at about 1am, drank a shot of something in celebration and zonked out.

Where do I stand now, it is said, the bad comes with the good, the bad is mine, but I will tell you about the good. Let us see... I have a cell phone now, verizon, and I can pass it to those that contact me via email as I do NOT want to post it on here. This phone is a lifesaver because it also has GPS, and ergo, I can get around no issues. I would also like to extend thanks to Scooter for the use of Jimmy!

My apartment search goes well, tomorrow, I will be that much closer to finding one closser to work, however, I have secured one in Beltsville that is excellent in ALL aspects, except for the commute. This weekend, a friend and I will be looking at some cars, and that should be secured soon after. Nearly everything is coming together nicely.

I have left behind a lot... we always do in life, the trick is to never truly forget what is behind, and bring it with you... the experiences, the memories, and the dreams. I do not know if this is where I belong, but then, again they say the heart is where you belong, let us see if my heart is meant to be here... That aside, all of you, don't be bad, contact me! ;)

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25th May, 2007. 4:12 pm. Things continue to work out... almost like a guardian stands by me...

I am not an overly religious man, as many that know me well know... wow, good english there. Anyways, the bottom line is, things continue to work out. My new company have passed me my TN sponsorship paperwork today, which is what allows me to work in the US for a year's time before having to renew it. Second, canceling my cell phone contract was going to cost me 400 dollars plus!!! Thank god, the person I spoke to was cool, and as a result the contract has been suspended for 1 year... or will be as of June 5 or 6. By then, I will be in the states and have a different cell phone then. Thirdly, out of the blue, one of my closer friends here, decides they want to continue my gym membership, so thank god on saving 90 dollars cancellation fee. Life IS good! There is one last aspect of my life that needs to work itself out, but that can wait, and I have confidence that it will in time.

Today is my LAST day at my current job, spent it relaxing, watching movies, and getting bored, I will miss these days with my new job, but let's be serious, this is NO career, and no real job... time to move on, time to find a real life!

Ok, opinions, here is hopefully my future car, and yes high gas mileage, but meh, it fits all my OTHER needs very well.


Apartments, I have seen many, and many I would want to check out... once I am there I will, no sense otherwise, let's be honest. If I can't see it first, I am not renting it. Keep your eyes out for good 1bd room apartments in the following areas: Silver Spring, College Park, Beltsville, Rockville (expensive), Bethesda (even MORE expensive), Gaithensburg, and I believe that is it for now. I have two weeks to find one once there.

Fears, many have asked me are you worried, tense about the move, truth? nope... been there, and done that, and I know I have many people that I care about and care about me that will be there to help me out, that I will return the favor to one day as well. What am I worried about most? you really want to know? Getting LOST as I drive around by myself! Come on, what is so weird about that when you can hear bombs and bullets and not worry, yet worry about being lost?! ;).

Leeloo gets to visit the vet this Tuesday to make sure she is ok. I visit many friends before I take off, and pack pack and pack some more. Brian, Ox, and Joe come up the coming Friday and we take it from there!

That is it for now... I look forward to seeing old friends again, and making new friends as well. See you all soon.

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